Why I Love Living and Working in Fort Collins, Colorado

It’s tough to find a person living in Fort Collins, Colorado who doesn’t absolutely love living here. This area offers a lot for many people. Here are some of the reasons I LOVE living and working in the “Choice City.”

  • Bicycles. When I drive a car, I constantly rush around and try to get from origin to destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. When I’m on my two-wheeled pedal-powered machine, I actually enjoy the journey to my destination. Life on two wheels is just better. We have a town that has incredible bicycle trails that span a total of nearly 36 miles just within the city lines. That’s pretty incredible for a town of 150,000 people. We have wide bicycle lanes on nearly all city streets and bicycle racks on every corner. We even have bicycle pumps and tool stations around town. That is awesome!

  • Beer. It goes without saying that the residents here love beer. As a testament to that, we have a town that can support fifteen breweries. Fifteen! I may or may not be writing this with a cold frosty one in my hand right now… I'm currently gearing up for Tour de Fat this weekend.

  • Poudre Canyon. The Poudre Canyon and the Poudre River run from the northwest of Fort Collins before winding through the north side of town. The river offers great tubing, killer rafting/kayaking, and fishing nearly all the way to the continental divide with ample camping and hiking trails up and down the banks of the river. It may be an odd name, but we love our Poudre!

  • Old Town. Supposedly Fort Collins has more restaurants per capita than most cities in the U.S., but Old Town Fort Collins certainly has the most per block. Old Town Fort Collins offers great food and drink like the famous margaritas from the Rio Grande restaurant, prohibition-style drinks from the underground bar Social, and the tremendously good Austin’s American Grill. I heard the secret to the margarita at the Rio is Jose Cuervo Gold and apple juice. But it's a mystery none of us will ever solve for certain...

  • The People. Hands down, the best part about Fort Collins is the people here. The people of Fort Collins are friendly, active, and will go out of their way to make your day great. They are the driving force behind all the aforementioned things that make Fort Collins awesome.

I could go on all day, but these are a few of the reasons I moved here in the first place and why I will continue to call Fort Collins home for a long long time. Why do you love Fort Collins?

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