Why Use a Realtor?

No doubt it’s a hot market. Still, most people prefer to use a real estate agent when buying or selling a home. Here is a quick summary of reasons why its essential to use a real estate agent in a home purchase or sale.

You have a trusted advocate on your side at all times.

Throughout the entire transaction, you have someone contractually required to represent your best interests. They have fiduciary responsibility which means that they represent you on all matters during the transaction from setting a listing price to negotiating a contract. You have a professional to look to for advice. Quite simply, they make your life easier. They handle most of the time consuming and expensive tasks you would need to do on your own.

You have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

The Multiple Listing Service allows brokers to advertise your property far and wide so that all other subscribing members of the MLS in your state can view your property. This is the first place all subscribing brokers go to market your property. It also allows the listing broker to offer a commission split to any agent who brings a buyer to the seller, making other buyers’ brokers highly motivated to match their client with your property.

Realtors must have extensive knowledge of real estate laws and contracts

Although realtors are not permitted to practice law (unless they happen to be a lawyer), they know the contracts inside and out. This is crucial as the contracts are what make your deal solid. A transaction can fall apart due to a poorly written contract on behalf of a buyer OR a seller. Realtors know about required laws and disclosures in a particular state that may be unknown to a buyer or seller, which could otherwise leave them with considerable legal liability. They walk you through every step of the transaction.

Realtors are negotiators.

A real estate agent helps you with the negotiation stage of the transaction. They will help you to know what the market is like in your area and help you to make an informed decision when a contract comes your way. They know how to propose a smart counteroffer if the initial offer is not to your liking. If you are a buyer, they will help you put together the most enticing offer to present to a seller to ensure you have a good chance of getting that property. It’s much more than just offering a good price in this market.

Realtors have professional marketing capabilities and knowledge of pricing strategies.

This is where the really great brokers stand out, with their marketing teams. The best brokers have excellent print and online marketing, hire professional photographers to take photos of your home, hire professionals to “stage” your home to make it as attractive as possible to buyers, and know exactly when and where to publicize your home. Realtors will help you to bring in more money from the sale.

Among many, these are a few reasons that you should utilize the services of a full-time real estate agent. These are professionals who dedicate their lives to helping you meet your goals as a buyer or seller. Best wishes for a happy August!

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